The Cross Party Group in the Scottish Parliament on Basic Income had its first official meeting of the group on Wednesday 20th June in the Scottish Parliament.

Approval to establish the group was given by approval by the Scottish Parliament’s Standards Committee on 7th June.  The group will be co-chaired by Ivan McKee MSP and Alex Rowley MSP.  Secretariat for the group will be provided by the RSA and Citizens Basic Income Network Scotland.

At its first meeting the group heard from the following external speakers:

Session 1 – Charlie Young, RSA – exploring the work they have been doing on the typologies of experiments, insight into the different approaches which could be taken

Session 2 – Coryn Barclay, Fife Council – updating on progress with the work of the Steering Group that is exploring the feasibility of basic income in Scotland.

Initial Themes identified by the group to explore through meetings of the Cross Party Group on Basic Income include:

  • Health
  • Automation/Future of Work/Artificial Intelligence
  • BI as a human rights policy/Relationship with Sustainable Development Goals
  • Scottish Pilots

A programme of dates for meetings of the Cross Party group has been set as follows:

  • 19 September 2018
  • 21 November 2018,
  • 13 February 2019,
  • 15 May (AGM) 2019

The Cross Party Group on Basic Income is a Scottish Parliament working group. It is being established independently of the Steering Group for the Scottish Basic Income Pilots.  The Cross Party Group will run in parallel with any developing pilots in Scotland so that it can input advice and evidence to the development of the pilots.  The four local authorities involved in the Scottish Basic Income Pilots will not be organisational members of the Cross Party Group, but will receive copies of any correspondence relating to the Cross Party group, and may be called to present on progress with the Scottish Basic Income Pilots.