Exploring the Practicalities of a Basic Income Pilot – A report by the Scottish Citizen’s Basic Income Steering Group

There is a sense in many developed countries around the world that our social security systems – complex, under pressure, and subject to widespread public suspicion – are no longer fit for purpose. The Scottish Citizen’s Basic Income Steering Group were commissioned by Carnegie UK Trust to produce an international learning report drawing on insights from around the globe to explore the practicalities that we will need to consider in Scotland in designing a basic income pilot.  Learn more about the Scottish Citizen’s Basic Income Feasibility Study here.

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Plans for basic income pilots move a step closer

MOVES to look at innovative ways of providing Scots with a basic income came a step closer today (Friday).

Basic income pilots are already running successfully in countries including Finland, Netherlands and Canada. Although there are many different models, the aim is to promote fairness and provide people with a basic income they can use whether they want to earn, learn, care, or set up a business. Read More